Your Intrepid Team

With an agency culture driven by innovation, curiosity and a never-ending flow of ideas, we’re not happy standing still. Team Starship is a crack unit comprised of experienced strategists, clever planners, talented creatives, and deep thinking working with practical teams across media, social and brand development. Big enough for any challenge, but small enough to stay agile and nimble, we respond automatically to new circumstances and always see opportunities.

Geoffrey McDonald Bowll

MD • Captain. Leading From the Front

Geoffrey is a keen observer of people: for example, he can match a person’s accent to their city of origin 9 times out of 10. This partly comes from his background in market research prior to establishing Starship in 1991. As an ideas man, Geoffrey understands what motivates people to act and he’s a natural lateral thinker. Within Starship he is our fearless leader and a nice guy who’s always happy to help someone out. Geoffrey is a giver with an admirable set of values. He is driven by creative marketing solutions, hiring people who are better than him and building his team. On weekends you’ll find him building something, inventing something, or simply playing with his fishing gear.


Prue Kirkcaldie

Mission Controller

Need a deeply emotive creative strategy that will work across all channels to market? Prue is the guide to help your brand evolve and stay relevant, online and offline. Her experience spans international agencies in New York, London, Amsterdam, New Zealand, and Australia, working with major and challenger brands to keep them relevant, top of mind and connected. Within Starship, she is General Manager, looking after the business side of things while driving internal processes. Prue is an artist – her work is all about the narrative that flows from ‘life force’ energy. Prue creates works on paper with pastels, sculptural paintings using oil, wood and canvas, wall sculptures, drawings and photography. You can view her art here.


Gavel Markowski


Gav is known for his steady, calm, consistent manner, and brilliant creativity. He’s the glue that binds the team together, and that’s just one reason why we love him. Gav came to Starship in 2004. Now he’s in charge of the creative process. He’s not only a great ideas generator but drives accounts forward with adventurous output that meets our clients’ dreams. Out of the office, he’s an intrepid world traveler who thrives off new experiences, new cultures and the great outdoors. He’s the kind of guy who has an exotic holiday a couple of times a year and takes minimal clothes in a backpack, so he doesn’t have to check his luggage through.


Hannah Jackson

Social Guide

Hannah is a specialist in end-to-end social media and content management, including strategic planning, content creation, copywriting, web management, and implementing paid campaigns. She proactively conducts in-house audits to revamp strategies for clients and forward on campaign proposals and opportunities. She also manages cost assessments, invoicing, oversees production and liaison with media partners. Also a professional musician, Hannah is a drummer who performs at gigs around Melbourne with her band, Fool Child.


Anya Ow


Anya always surprises us and our clients. She has a fantastic intuition for how a brand needs to look and how to craft its brand strategy, personality, and language–key to help our clients make noise in increasingly crowded marketplaces. From big brands needing multiple strategies to small start-ups who want to stand out and attract the right stakeholders, Anya is your girl. She practiced law for a few years before changing gears to communications design. Off the clock, she’s a lover of big cities, a foodie, an illustrator and a writer. She published her first novel at the end of 2016 and has also written several short stories for various magazines.


Helen Papas

Bottom Liner

Helen is our newest member, often found in the background making sure that money comes in and goes out at the appropriate times. It’s Helen who provides us with internal reporting so that we know that Starship is on track and successful. She’s the one who allows the rest of the team to get on and concentrate on what they are good at.



Trusty Scout

We all love Dakota. She’s switched on, and a keen judge of character, often able to figure out the weakest link in the room to beg treats from. Dakota is a futurist and an ideas dog, you’ll also often find her practicing mindfulness by exercising her sleeping skills under a table somewhere. Whether she’s on the job cruising round looking for cuddles or treats, or when she hears the word ‘walk’, she’s simply adorable and a core part of Starship. Her main role is ‘internal communications and human resources’ and we think she’s the best in the biz.