Zilch Acne


Starship was asked to create a new brand identity and language for Zilch Acne, a unique, all-natural product on the skincare market with a formula by Dr. Vivian Tam that combines modern and traditional Chinese medicinal principles to combat stubborn adult acne.


The brand had to be created on a tight turnaround and appeal to a sophisticated, educated market. It had to look elegant, modern, and yet contain brand elements that hint at its origin. Most of all, it had to look like it belonged on the shelf with other acne skincare products, and look as trustworthy as it is.

Unique Brand Space

Starship created a mostly minimal approach to the brand language and packaging highlighted with stark teal and blue colours that would stand out among the competition. We wanted to avoid fear-based marketing and focus on creating a positive, inclusive message, look and feel. Heavily focused on making the ingredients the ‘hero’ of the brand, the overarching strategy seeks not only to introduce the product elements, but also educate and encourage a healthy lifestyle among its core target audience. Zilch has since been launched into the Australian market and can currently be purchased through its online store.