Telco Independent Consulting


Starship was asked by Telco Independent Consulting to create a branding system and direct mail postcards to launch its new services. As its name entails, TIC is the brainchild of ex-Telco insiders who consult on ways to streamline and improve anyone’s existing telco services, particularly with regards to the advent of the NBN network in Australia and all its related issues. Currently the NBN, once available in an area, often requires people living there to switch or have their current internet services cut off. At the same time, reaction to the NBN has been mostly negative, with speeds for the average Australian customer set to plateau over the next few years, with high costs, long delays, slow speeds, and poor service standards. For some areas there are alternative services available. TIC helps people more easily navigate current opaque systems to get the best possible deal, and the branding had to reflect this.

Unique Brand Space

We created a visually contemporary branding that hints at TIC’s experience in the telco industry by drawing visual cues from antique phone designs interspersed with modern typefaces and icon navigation.


Branding and brand direction
Print collateral
Web design
Campaign strategy
Campaign execution
Concept development of campaign
Art Direction