About this Project


Tasman Market Fresh Meats is a large format butcher that has been operating in Victoria for over 30 years. It has around 18 stores spread across Metropolitan Melbourne, Geelong, Shepparton and Traralgon. Starship was asked to reposition and rebrand its tired and down-market brand across store design, online and all sales collateral.


Starship aimed to increase sales by attracting a new target market – younger, slightly more affluent women, as research indicates that mums make most of the grocery purchasing decisions.
However, the Tasman brand and interior fit-out had to be refreshed to make it more appealing and ‘mainstream’, in order to attract this ‘new’ target market away from the supermarkets.

We also had to make Tasman so attractive that people will want to drive a distance to save money on meat: a great number of its stores were located in out-of-the-way places, as the client needs the space for its large product section, processing section and butchery.

Unique Brand Space

We created the unique brand space ‘Butcher quality meat at lower than supermarket prices’. We also created a connective personality with ‘Let’s meat up’ as the call to action: a personal, playful messaging that would run through digital and print collateral. We created clear, on-trend redesigns of store interiors that attracted more purchasers by being brighter and more inviting, with clear in-store hierarchical navigation. We created a communication strategy based on quality and value, as well as certainty in pricing.


Since the brand refresh and locked down prices (KVIs), weekly sales figures are up dramatically. The new brand will be rolled out and retrofitted across all stores.

Recent Tasman Analysis

A recent analysis shows we helped Tasman’s sales rise with an estimated ROI considerably above industry standards. Ask yourself: how would your board react if sales were going up so quickly in your business?