Scope disability services

About this Project


Scope Disability Services is one of the biggest providers of support services for people with disabilities in Victoria, and has been for over 60 years. The group provides a wide range of highly professional services to the severely physically and mentally handicapped.

With the introduction of the NDIS, Scope asked Starship to help them transition from a government-funded model to a client funded model, and in that process, to help them and their 1,800 staff become more customer-centric and bring them closer to the changing needs and expectations of their target audiences.

Unique Brand Space

Extensive research told us that Scope Disability Services was seen as ‘the safe pair of hands’ in the disability sector, where clients’ needs were put first. Research also provided us with key insights into Scope’s complex stake-holder audiences. From this, Starship developed a brand for Scope that embraces people with disabilities, and treats them the same as everyone; a brand that doesn’t exclude or single them out as being different. We created a brand that understands and supports their clients’ ambitions to learn, to be part of a community, to work and contribute to society, to experience adventure, to love and be loved and to live in comfortable, safe environments.

This was backed by our image choice strategy – showing clients living their lives with their friends, integrated and being treated the same way as everyone, rather than showing them as dependents, with their carers, or with their mothers or nurses. Our logo represents a dream/ambition pathway, with a supporting bright and hopeful colour choice. The positioning line ‘making it happen’ underpins the human desire to live a rich and interesting life, as well as Scope’s undoubted capability to actually make that happen. The concise, clear branding and brand use has set Scope apart from its competitors, and has since proceeded towards a brand roll-out.

What we did

Research, Brand definition, Brand development, Brand book, Fonts/colour palette, Communication strategy, Image choice strategy, Corporate brochureware, Corporate ID.