Visualise the ideal world for your brand. Let’s call that our destination.

We’re Starship, a full-service creative agency that’s covered a lot of ground in our 26 years. But what gets us up every day is not where we’ve been, but where we’re going on our journey. It’s creating partnerships with our clients as together we discover ‘what’s next’? Are you at a stage in your career where you’re ready to take off?

Systems to keep you on track and processes to keep you moving ahead


A successful enterprise needs tools to plan and map out pathways, to track progress and reveal issues – it’s critical to keep everything moving in the same positive direction. Over the years we’ve developed our own in-house tracking systems and processes to do exactly that for our clients. We call our system ‘PlanIt’ and through robust research-based methodologies, it provides two things we crave: certainty and a clear path to meeting your brand goals.

What We Do


Marketing and Strategy

Creating and executing bold, insightful strategic roadmaps is our DNA. Brands marketing, communications and media strategies that work for your segments, prioritize you above competitors and take your business to the next level, is what we do.



Creative and Brand Identity

What you put into the world builds the story, so each piece of communication needs to be ‘on-point’ to your target market and influencing stake-holders.
Our emotionally-based (usually) creative is built on big ideas with a clear destination. Fully integrated across all channels from online and content to television, radio, billboards, and print – your brand messaging, visuals and copy stand out while working together as a team.



Digital and Social

Digital and social channels now play a pivotal role in most customer journeys. Whether it’s web builds, content creation or social media management, out-bound EDM’s or a complete SEO & SEM offering, we have a focused analytics response. Flexible brand-relevant creative is vital in a world where numbers matter so much – impact on sales and brand is key. Our end-to-end toolkit works effortlessly on the various platforms, cutting through the noise of competition and connecting with those who matter. All outputs are monitored, optimized and built to utilize emerging technologies for max impact. 



Research and Analytics

Every brand expedition needs a GPS and prep work so you know where to go and how we expect to get there. Giving you absolute certainty is important here at Starship; that’s why we ask, observe, test and split run ideas to guarantee you robust figures and stunning results. With a raft of qualitative and quantitative research tools available, we’re committed to turning ‘we think’ into ‘we know’ with effective brand tracking, conversion rate optimization and hands-on or dash-boarded client reporting.   




From the traditional biggies of TV, search, print and radio to sponsorships, geo-targeted ads or a perfectly executed Instagram feed, our media offering and buying clout is the lens through which we’ll viralize your brand story. Combining audience identification and tailor-made targeting spheres with media plan and buy strategies that, whilst progressive, remain totally flexible. We ensure your content is given the delivery it deserves – right place, at the right time, for maximum effect.

A host of resources at your disposal



Intellect Services

Marketing planning
Art direction
Project management
New products
JV marketing with symbiotic partners
Business planning
Brand engagement: apps, competitions, taste tests
Database development and management
Account management

Research & Development

Qualitative – focus groups, micro groups, personal interviews
Quantitative – Survey Monkey, public and private panels, phone, mail, shopping centres
Split (A/B) tests
Competitor research
Market gap analysis
Brand & Sales Training

Branding & Design

Concept creation
Reason to be / USP
Positioning lines
Competitor mapping
Unique Brand Spaces
Core messaging
Visual and spoken language
Point of sale
Retail design
Annual reports
Product development

Digital & Mainstream

Media Strategy
Media Planning
Media Buying
Media Tracking
Integration of online with offline
EDM (Electronic Direct Mail)
Engagement apps/gameology
Landing Pages
Micro sites (campaign specific)
Apps (for customers or sales staff)
Conversation tracking
SEO (free search)
SEM (paid search)
Social media strategies & integration; groups, discussions, monitoring
across Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn, etc.
Product placement
Product demonstrations

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