We love simplifying complex ideas and messaging, so here we’ve collated some helpful marketing resources for you. For long form articles on everything; from panel research, to marketing to millennials, please visit our blog.


A brief is a vital starting point for developing a campaign and addressing your requirements. It’s regularly the case that busy clients struggle to fully flesh out a workable brief. If you find that things are taking too much time, it’s often better to brief us verbally via phone or a quick meeting, so that we can provide a reverse brief following the lines below.
Download the brief PDF

reverse brief


Talent release form

It’s critical that you have the legal rights to use the talent in your production. The general rule is, in a commercial application, if you can see someone’s face, you probably need to have a signed release form (Note: this is not legal advice!). We have a simple generic talent release form for you to use below, but always consult a lawyer when in doubt.

Download the PDF form here



Website audit check list

Here’s a simple multi-page checklist to help you access and rate your website.
Download the full check list PDF here

website check list